Travel Security Trained Professional (TSecTPro)

Travel Security Trained Professional (TSecTPro)


Professionals love international travel.

For so many board members, senior executives, managers and employees, business travel taken for work purposes is also an opportunity for pleasure and satisfaction. It is about visiting new places, meeting new people, eating delicious food, having fun. For many, emotional or physical intimate relationships play a central role in the overall travel experience.

Intimacy refers to the closeness and connection – from intellectual intimacy (sharing thoughts, ideas, and professional experience) to emotional and sexual intimacy.

Travelers hate to think that travel also means increased risk, health challenges, legal uncertainty, and new unique threats. They often do not understand (or prefer to ignore) what it means to become subjects to the laws and the legal system of the countries they are visiting.

If they are not prepared, traveling may even put their lives, and possibly the lives of others, in jeopardy. If they are prepared, they can dramatically increase their chances that everything will be fine.

In this program, first we will understand the risks, including elicitation agents working in their own country, seeking government, industrial and academic secrets, criminals who are simply looking for a quick score, sexspionage operations, safety, security, and health challenges. Then, we will discuss what professionals must consider before, during and after their trip.


The Travel Security Trained Professional (TSecTPro) program has been designed to provide business travelers with the knowledge and skills needed to protect their organization and themselves during business and personal travel. The course provides with the skills needed to pass the Travel Security Trained Professional (TSecTPro) exam.

Target Audience

The TSecTPro certification program is designed to give managers and employees a good understanding of the travel risks (including risks for data, intellectual property, assets, legal and financial exposure, health, safety, security), to protect themselves and their organization.

The TSecTPro certification program is beneficial to:

- Board members, senior managers, managers and employees of companies and organizations of the public and the private sector, that have access to sensitive systems and data, and they travel.

- Vendors, suppliers, and service providers that have access to sensitive systems and data.

The TSecTPro certification program is intended for employers demanding qualified professionals that meet the fit and proper requirements in travel risk management. Employers that under the "duty of care" obligation, need evidence that managers and employees can understand the risks and can take all the necessary steps to minimize the likelihood and the impact of any incident.


There are no prerequisites for this program.

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Course Synopsis

- Introduction.

- Professionals love international travel.

Part A

- Methods used by foreign intelligence services to obtain information

- Foreign economic collection and industrial espionage

- Elicitation

- Eliciting altruism

- Eliciting attachment

- Deflecting elicitation attempts

- Sexspionage

- Sexspionage, case study

- The dark web that facilitates a growing underground marketplace, and travelers

- Surveillance

- Recruitment by foreign intelligence services

- The targets / victims

- Who is being targeted?

- Exploitation of business activities

- Primary methods of exploitation

- Collection techniques travelers should be wary of

- Academic solicitation

- Conference, convention, or tradeshow method of contact

- Countermeasures

- Understanding deception management

- Insider threat and espionage

- Weaponizing what is considered cool

- Weaponizing the integrity of IT persons

- Easy victims

- Narcissists

- Machiavellian personalities

- A travel security guide

Part B

- Before the trip

- During the trip

- After the trip

Become a Travel Security Trained Professional (TSecTPro)

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A. The official presentations (419 slides)

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B. Up to 3 online exam attempts per year

Candidates must pass only one exam to become TSecTPros. If they fail, they must study the official presentations and retake the exam. Candidates are entitled to 3 exam attempts every year.

If candidates do not achieve a passing score on the exam the first time, they can retake the exam a second time.

If they do not achieve a passing score the second time, they can retake the exam a third time.

If candidates do not achieve a passing score the third time, they must wait at least one year before retaking the exam. There is no additional cost for any additional exam attempts.

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